The Lord put me through various companies big and small and in various duties. He allowed me to accumulate over 10 years of experience in business of accounting and bookkeeping 8 of which was in banking where I have learned a great deal of running an accounting department, juggling cash flow and making daily financial decisions. The most important thing however, was my up bringing and my faith in Christ Jesus has given me the security to handle everything that comes my way with truth, honesty and integrity.


10 Ways Churches Can Thrive Financially

Many years ago, I invited a non-Christian friend to volunteer with me at a Christian organization for their annual fund-raising. She was surprised to have received so many phone calls from strangers who wanted to

The Blessing Of A Cheerful Giver

Am I a cheerful giver? 2 Corinthians 9:7, says that God loves a cheerful giver.  I am writing this to remind myself of the above verse, and you are welcomed to read my thought if

How To Decide Which Bills To Pay First

Are you losing control of your expenses? Are you in a constant battle of deciding which bills to pay first and which bill to wait because you are always short in cash again? Do you