It’s easy to praise God in good times, but when bad times come, when trials come, can we still praise God? Can we still give Him the glory, the praise and the honor? Some of you may have heard the phrase, “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.”

My father had a huge influence in my life, especially my spiritual life. Growing up in Indonesia and in Malaysia, he would share testimonies after testimonies with me, and I would sit by him for hours listening to him. Often time, we sat so long that my mother began to complain that I forgot to do my house chores. Then, he would stop for a couple minutes so that I can do my chores and he would continue again. Other times, I would sit and listening to him in our living room until pass mid-night. Of course my mom, would chase us back to our rooms.

My family and I had planned to visit my parents again this past Summer. All preparations had been made and excitement filled the air as the weeks and days drew nearer and nearer of the anticipation of meeting everyone again. I had planned to get my dad (a retired chef) an oven so he could continue to cook and bake, and even perhaps taste my sons’ cooking as they have learned to cook somewhat.

Weeks prior to our trip I received news that he was sick and was very week. Within 2 days, one of my sister, texted me saying that his kidney was damage and he needed an operation the next day. I began to pray for him and for his healing. Within a couple hours, she texted again, saying that he was in critical condition, and within minutes he was gone. He passed away a week before our trip.

My heart became heavy and I could not think, so I went to pray asking the Lord what happen, and why? The Lord answered me in three words. “Rest in Me,” He said. When I replied back and said, “Yes Lord, I choose to rest in You,” not really knowing how; my tears stop flowing; my heart filled with peace. My husband and I left our children with my mother-in-law and we went on two days journey to attend his funeral in Malaysia.

Those threes words were so powerful, they kept me in perfect peace all the time. In fact, God gave me strength to comfort my aunt (one of my dad’s sisters) as everyone was in shocked of his death. Later, we learned that my father had been very, very sick because of he had holes in his heart but none of us knew it. During his funeral, his aunt, who helped my grandmother take care her children commented that my father was the sickest child of all their siblings. “He was sick all the time,” she said. It was really a miracle that he continued to live this long. He was 67 years old.

He always had a smile on his face and known to be the man without temper. Whenever my mom got upset with him and started to nag, he would cover both of his ears with pillow and began to sing praises the Lord.

Not so, before he met the Lord!

As a child, my father would be given talisman from the Chinese temple in which he had to take it orally. As a young man, he was not allowed to play any sport, and was not allowed to drive any vehicle because he would get dizzy and faint suddenly. He continued to take his medication from doctors and talisman from the temple as he became adult, married to my mother and have children. But because he had a short temper and he constantly quarrel with my mom for anything and everything.

It was not until when my maternal grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer and given only days to live that the Lord intervened. She was approached by few Christians during one of her visit to the hospital. These Christians told her that if she would believe in Jesus, she would be healed. They invited her to church as well. Excited, she came home and told my parents about it seeing my father too was sick. My parents had exhausted all of their resources going from temples to temples trying to get cure for my father’s  sickness with no hope. The sickness would go away for a few days, but return again without fail. Upon hearing this, their ears became dull and their hearts harden.

Without the approval from my parents, my grandmother went quietly by herself to church one day. She came home a different grandma that day, according to my mother. A cancer patient who had been given only days to live, who had not been able to eat much, let alone do any house work; asked my mom for food and later; swept the floor; cooked some rice, and rocked me (3 years old) to sleep. Her actions shocked my mom. She thought that her mother was ‘really’ going to die very soon. So, my parents began to questioned her. She told them that she went to church and the people at church prayed for her. When they were praying, she saw a man dress in white sitting next to her and pat her on her head.

Having witness the energy that my grandmother possessed, they got excited so my father proclaimed and said, “If Jesus can heal you, I will follow Him also.” My father sickness was healed, so he got his driver’s license to drive a car and to ride a bike. Not only that he started to play badminton and continued to do so for years and years until he came to the age that he could not run as before. When my siblings and I received our driver’s license, he continued to teach us to drive for the next few months until we were comfortable.

I then, understand when the Lord told me to rest in Him, was because His work in my father had been completed, so he can now enjoy the Lord in heaven and be free from all sicknesses, pain and sorrow. Having loved ones in heaven, makes me look forward and press forward toward that holy city called, New Jerusalem. I look forward to that day when He comes or calls me home and by the grace of God I will be there.

What about you?

Do you know Jesus?

Have you accepted Him as your Savior?

Is heaven your destiny?

If it’s not, I hope you will take a minute to accept Jesus because in the end nothing else matter, but Jesus.

Thank you for reading!

Ruby Tan

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