Every time when I hear or read testimonies of others, my heart is encouraged and my faith is strengthen. Thus, I would like to share with you what JEHOVAH CELA (Rock) has done for me.  Jesus said, “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me,”  John 12:32.

My parents were from Confucius religion background. They came to Christ when I was only three years old. So, as far back as I could remember growing up in Indonesia, my parents brought me up in Christian faith. They took me to church, they sent me Sunday School, and they taught me how to pray and to look to God in every situation. My father would pray for me whenever I was sick and I would get healed through prayers. We did not need any medications anymore, so my parents threw them away. I grew in the Lord, I depended on Him in many, many situations some of which were impossible in the sight of men, but Jesus in His mercy brought me through. However, it was not until after I got married, someone asked me, “When did you get saved?” So, just like any other times in past, I shared how my parents got saved and how they came to follow Christ. Unsatisfied with my answer, she asked again, ”That’s your parent’s testimony, but when did you get saved?” I was speechless. I could not answer that question.

That’s when my journey began searching the answer if I was really saved and if so, when did that happen? My mind began to fill with questions of wanting to know if I was really saved. Looking back, I could see the hand of the Lord leading me, guiding me, healing me as well as protecting me. If I were not saved, how did the Lord brought me through all those situations? But, if I got saved one point in time, how could I missed it? In fact, how could my parents missed it; or how could anyone missed it? Coming into salvation, in my mind should be an unforgettable experience, but I simply missed it.

So, I went to the Lord and asked Him to reveal it to me. I prayed,”Lord, You know all things and You know the time and place where I accepted You as my Savior and Lord.” I was sure that I had been saved because I had been following Jesus, but I just need to know when I began my journey. I told the Lord, it’s probably not very important because God is more concern of our ending than our beginning. But, I want to know it anyway. Since no one remember it, I assumed I must have been alone when it happened. I believed that the Lord knows all things and because He is a living God, He could reveal my salvation experience to me even after so many years. Even though no one was there with me, because the Lord was there, He should know and He can tell me what happened.

I prayed for years off and on about this matter. There were times I said to myself, even if the Lord did not reveal it to me I am happy to be His follower. At other times, I really must find out, and because I serve a living God, He can proof it to me. As far as I could recall my childhood memories, I did not have many events that stood out for me except for when I fell into an opened drain together with the tricycle I was riding; or when I had a tug-of-war with my cousin mistaken her dress for mine; or the time when I thought rapture had taken place.

In the meantime, I too became curious about other peoples salvation experiences and began asking everyone I met. To my surprise, not all of them could answer that question either. Usually, those who grew up in a church are those who have hard time remembering their salvation experiences. Slowly my excitement about finding my salvation moment had somewhat subsided, and whatever memories that I had asked the Lord had become not so important anymore.

God is faithful to listen to our prayers and to satisfy our heart’s desires. He is a faithful God and a loving Father. At one of our church conventions several years ago, during one particular sermon, my mind slowly drifted back in time to when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I knew I was about that age because my parents moved from one house to the next about every two years due to certain circumstances. My family consists of my parents and four children, my aunt and her husband and my uncle. Our house was not a big house; it was a three-bedroom terrace house with a small living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen with a dining area. Even with nine people living in that small house, one afternoon, I found myself alone in that house. Everybody else was simply vanished, including my mom. When I realized the emptiness and the quietness, I went looking in every room for any trace of them. No one was around.

I realized, the messages I had heard in church about rapture, the time Jesus would come to take His people away had taken place; and there I was, left behind. I began to cry loudly, confessing my sins to Jesus. I asked Him to please forgive me and to not leave me behind but to take me with Him.

That experience, the Spirit of the Lord said, was the moment of my salvation. He revealed every single word I said in that few seconds as if I could hear myself saying them all over again. My tears immediately streamed down my cheeks. I was overwhelmed, the Lord just revealed the most secret thing that happened to me over 25 years ago.  

Well, my mom showed up immediately after I was done crying. I am thankful that He gave me only a glimpse of what rapture would be like and because of that, I asked Jesus to forgive me and has become His beloved ever since. After reading this, I pray that your faith will be strengthen and continue to press on.

However, you have asked Jesus to come into your life. it is time to do it. Jesus is coming soon. Maranatha!

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