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Date:July 18, 2019

Personal Finance Coaching

Are struggling with your personal debts and living from paycheck to paycheck? Life happens. Sometimes, they are result of our poor choices but sometimes they are things or events that don’t quite turn out to be way we want it to be. As they will continue to unfold before our eyes, are you prepare for them? Even if it has been sunny all these times, you know the rain will come one day. Are you prepared for such rainy days? That’s why people said, “Get your umbrella ready before it rains.”

If you are in a financial problem situation, I know what it’s like, because my family have been there. During the Summer of 2002 my husband, the only bread winner at that time lost his job. We had two toddlers and his parents lived with us. Do you know what it was like when the only breadwinner lost his job? It was like being pushed down from a high mountain into a valley. As we slowly navigated through that mountain again, we saw a different path, a much better path. Within a few short years not only did we survive we thrived and became debt free including the mortgage. If my family could thrive in that situation, so can yours. I am here to help you along the way.

If this financial freedom excites you, I would love to hear from you. Applying similar principle taught by Dave Ramsey Solution, you can free yourself from all debts and continue to live a debt-free life.

Interested? So, what do you have to lose, Contact us.

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