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Date:July 18, 2019

Personal Finance Coaching

Are struggling with to pay off your personal debt such as credit card, personal loan or even your home mortgage? If we are struggling with our own personal money, can we really run a profitable business? I don’t think so.

I was born in Indonesia, grew up in Malaysia and later settled down in the US. Having been born in a third world country, I know what is like to experience a lack necessary thing, such as clean water. Without going into detail, water in general was a scares necessity, let alone clean water. As a result, to this day, water is precious to me. It’s a heart-breaking feeling to watch anyone letting water continue to flow while they were soaping dishes or brushing their teeth.

My attitude is the same with money and any other resources. My mom is my hero in the area. Growing up in Malaysia, I watched her worked on our household budget month after month. She has only third grade education, so she used her toes to separate payments for rent, tithe, utilities, food, etc. Yes, tithing is included in the budget. She them put into special place and pay them as they become due. In doing so, she knows immediately that we will have $5 or $10 left by the end of the month. She will be extra frugal and sometimes ended up having a little extra.

Fast forward several years later, after I got married and have children, my husband, who used to make pretty good money lost his job. That feeling was like being pushed down from a high mountain down into a valley. As we slowly navigated through that mountain again, we see a different path that is better, a debt free path to go up that mountain again. I would like to work with you and help also get onto the debt free path if that’s what you want.

Applying similar principle to Profit First for business, you can free yourself from all debts and continue to live a debt-free life.

Interested? So, what do you have to lose, Contact us.

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