Profit First Coaching

Many businesses especially restaurants suffer trying to make ends meet week after week and month after month. Their sales may go up and up but they don’t ever see increase in profit because their expenses also go up and up. In fact, sometimes, or often time I should say the expenses may increase at a higher rate. The result, profit either remains flat or goes down. Is that what you experience in your business too?

  • A business that is not profitable is not healthy.

  • A business that cannot afford to pay it’s owner is not healthy.

  • A business that is constantly struggle with cash flow is not healthy.

  • A business that must to borrow to pay its vendors and/or employees is not healthy.

  • A business that cannot afford to pay it’s taxes is not healthy.

So, is your business healthy? If you don’t think your business is healthy, get in touch with us. We offer a FREE 60 minutes consultations.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

  • Do you wish to work more on your business rather than in your business?

  • Do you always find yourself doing more bookkeeping tasks that running your business?

  • Do you feel dreaded having to constantly record your transactions?


We have a solution that might fit your need. How about outsourcing your unproductive bookkeeping tasks? Our clients who are using this service have seen a dramatic increase in their sales. Some have increased over 40% and some have seen their sales multiplied several times not only allowing them to get out of debt but also to increase their cash flow.

The reason is quite obvious. When you no longer have to worry about your bookkeeping tasks, you will have more time to work on building your business. Not only that, because you know your accounting will be taken care of, your mind is more relax allowing you to focus what’s more important.


We use QuickBooks Online to streamline your bookkeeping. We will post transactions from your banks and credit card companies that feed into the QuickBooks Online and reconcile your bank statements to it. Depending on your specific need and your willingness to be involved. You may choose to do your own invoicing and depositing the checks or have us take care of those areas as well.

We believe that communication plays a important role in the success of any business. That’s why we communicate with you regularly allowing you to make an informed decision.

We offer a few options for monthly bookkeeping services. Contact us to find out which option might suits your business best.

Personal Finance Coaching

Are struggling with to pay off your personal debt such as credit card, personal loan or even your home mortgage? If we are struggling with our own personal money, can we really run a profitable business? I don’t think so.

I was born in Indonesia, grew up in Malaysia and later settled down in the US. Having been born in a third world country, I know what is like to experience a lack necessary thing, such as clean water. Without going into detail, water in general was a scares necessity, let alone clean water. As a result, to this day, water is precious to me. It’s a heart-breaking feeling to watch anyone letting water continue to flow while they were soaping dishes or brushing their teeth.

My attitude is the same with money and any other resources. My mom is my hero in the area. Growing up in Malaysia, I watched her worked on our household budget month after month. She has only third grade education, so she used her toes to separate payments for rent, tithe, utilities, food, etc. Yes, tithing is included in the budget. She them put into special place and pay them as they become due. In doing so, she knows immediately that we will have $5 or $10 left by the end of the month. She will be extra frugal and sometimes ended up having a little extra.

Fast forward several years later, after I got married and have children, my husband, who used to make pretty good money lost his job. That feeling was like being pushed down from a high mountain down into a valley. As we slowly navigated through that mountain again, we see a different path that is better, a debt free path to go up that mountain again. I would like to work with you and help also get onto the debt free path if that’s what you want.

Applying similar principle to Profit First for business, you can free yourself from all debts and continue to live a debt-free life.

Interested? So, what do you have to lose, Contact us.

Historical Writeup or Cleanup

Bookkeeping is a very tedious work; that why many business owners are so far behind in keeping their financial record, while others may try but they are not sure if what they did was right. If you are in any of this category, you are not alone. Many of my clients started their journey with me from here.

Historical Writeup or Cleanup is considered a project work and may last for a set period of time weeks or months depending on the massive of the problem being solved. Some project can be for 1 year worth of transactions, while others may be several years’ worth of bookkeeping tasks has not been touched.

If you decided to possibly start here, feel free to contact.